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Safari 4

This version of Safari for Windows allows you to browse the web with a number of advanced features. It has a new Reader function that makes it easy to read everything in a single page, and it has fast loading times for individual pages. It offers support for HTML5, which translates to greater stability and support for video content. The software includes all the classic features of Safari, like Cover Flow for bookmarks and page tabs.

Top Sites is one of the most appealing features of Safari, and it was the first Windows browser to offer such a function. In a single screen, Top Sites gives you a panorama of the sites you visit most in thumbnail view. Clicking on one of the thumbnails will instantly open that site. The page is available as soon as you open your browser, so it's an ideal way to access your favorite sites without using bookmarks. Since the feature updates constantly to stay current with your most-visited sites, it can be used to track your activity. If you prefer to lock one of your favorite sites to a particular position in the Top Sites window, you can do so.

The Cover Flow feature works like the original feature for iTunes. You can browse a list of your bookmarks as they appeared when you last visited them. This is a nice feature, but ultimately a bit pointless.

One nice feature that's actually helpful is History Search. You can type a phrase or single word, and Safari will fetch all the pages in its cache that include that word or phrase.

The Reader feature is a new addition, and it helps with viewing content through a single page. Unfortunately, you can't change the font when using the Reader.

The page tabs are a classic feature of Safari that allow you to see a quick assessment of all your open pages across the top of the window. You can open a new window by dragging a tab off the tab line, and you can rearrange tabs in the same fashion.

Many of the problems with the initial version of Safari for Windows have been removed, so it's now intuitive, stable, and powerful. Support for HTML5 is bolstered in this version, so you can take advantage of HTML5 Geolocation tools and fullscreen mode for HTML5 video content.

The archiving features of this version of Safari are accurate and helpful. Browsing is easy thanks to the URL bar that uses cached websites for excellent predictive abilities. An enhanced Nitro engine from Apple executes page code extremely fast so pages load in an instant.

Unlike Chrome and Firefox, there are few plugins that expand the functionality of Safari. However, many fans of the software stylings employed by Apple would enjoy the sleek, sophisticated touch of Safari.


  • Fast Page Loading
  • Cover Flow Feature
  • Private Browsing
  • Reader View
  • Automatic Top Pages Curation


  • Few Available Plugins
  • Unchangeable Reader Font

Safari is a web browser that allows you to search the Internet and view web pages. Safari is a browser designed by Apple, but it is available to download on Windows as well. The newest version has become more stable than the first version that was available for Windows.

Safari 5 includes all the basic features of a web browser as well as some great new features designed to make browsing easier and quicker. It includes improved HTML5 support, faster loading times and a new Reader icon.

You can easily download or upgrade to the current version of Safari quickly so that you can enjoy its new interface. Once the download has completed, you will notice that it has many of the features from the old version as well as the new features.

The browser has tabs to allow moving from one page to another and a new Cover Flow, which allows you to go through your bookmarked sites like you see on iTunes. Safari's unique Top Sites feature allows you to view thumbnails of your most visited webpages in one screen. You can also lock your favorite websites into specific locations on the Top Sites so that you can get to your pages quickly. The Top Sites also tells you which websites have new content on them by displaying a star in the corner of the thumbnail.

Cover Flow allows you to browse your bookmarks, which shows you the full page the way it looked when you last visited the page. You can flip through the bookmarks the same way you flip through albums on iTunes, making it easier to find the website you were looking for. Also, the search history allows you to search for a specific term and shows you every website that has that term on it that you have previously been to.

The new Safari also has quicker loading times, and it claims that Javascript is 25 percent faster than the previous version. It even loads sites that take up a lot of resources quicker. There are not that many plugins available on the latest version of Safari. Safari is a great browser to view websites quickly, but there are still some stability issues that need to be worked out.


  • Contains popular features on previous versions
  • Tabbed browsing allows you to switch between pages quickly
  • Top pages show you the websites you visit most frequently
  • Shows which top pages have new content since your last visit
  • Cover Flow allows you to see full pages of your bookmarks
  • Loads quicker than previous versions
  • Search history helps you find pages quicker
  • Private browsing mode


  • Not many plugins available
  • Plugins may not work with the latest version
  • Third-party programs may not work
  • Cannot change the font in Reader
  • Stability issues present in newest version

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